Yes! You don’t even have to come to the US to set up your company. All States allows anyone to form a US company. You can also operate the US company from your own country or from within the US.

you are not required to provide personal documents, the only documents you will need are the forms available on our website. However, to open the bank account after that or apply for the Notarize you are required to provide the photocopy of your passport and proof of address.

- There are several factors that help customers' confidence in any website in general the most important of these factors is the Payment Gateway associated with the site, as we have the most popular and secure (Stripe).
- Our website has an SSL security tool
- There is a 100% money-back guarantee in the event that the request is rejected for any reason, as described in the cancellation policy and conditions
- Our site is also ranked highly at the local level in the United States and also at the global level, as evidenced by the Alexa site.

- We have a beginners package, which is a suitable package for Startups in the world of e-commerce and selling on Amazon, and the cost of this package is 499 USD
- We also have an Advanced package, which contains more other services besides company registration, and its cost is $ 699
- This is a one-time cost

You will have 2 ongoing annual fees:
- The State fee of $102
- The registered agents fee of $99 per year, your first year is free.

All States in USA law requires both LLCs and Corporations to maintain a Registered Agent. The Registered Agent receives any legal notices delivered by the Service of Process on your company. We will provide your Registered Agent and the first twelve months Registered Agent service for free with your purchase of our services. This is how you can be permitted to have an LLC or Corporation without having a business location in USA.

An EIN is like a SSN (Social Security Number) for your company. You aren’t required to set up an EIN, however you will need one to open a US bank account or Apply for Amazon FBA or Apply for any Payment Gateway.
We will set up one for you with the Advanced Package.